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Our philosophy

Affirmed Women 2012

Women have long understood that they have no choice: to exist, they must assert themselves.

That's why we make quality shoes that give women a real style, powerful, original, assertive. Sweet Lemon is a Belgian brand created for women who take charge of their lives, women of character, those who combine boldness and personality. Women who never hesitate to make themselves heard and respected.

Of course, these women also like to be admired, accepted, valued, watched, encouraged, but they simply don't need that to exist. Because they know their value. And you, what kind of woman are you?


High Standard Quality

All the shoes we design & create must live up to high standards of quality and safety. Every model is hand made from high quality materials. They are designed in Belgium & manufactured in Tuscany, Les Marches & in Naples, Italy.

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Quality Certified

Local Production

Sweet Lemon is a responsible brand and aware of environmental issues. We have decided to manufacture our shoes in Europe to avoid long and unnecessary transports and to limit carbon waste.

This local manufacturing allows us to avoid overproduction and to favor more elaborate collections by offering new products in small quantities.

All of our leather shoes are Gold certified with the world famous Leather Working Group label.